The Sustain the Future School is designed as a prototype elementary school to be built in a village on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The idea behind the school is twofold: to create a model community school for much needed elementary education facilities in the region, and as the nucleus for a future sustainable community, of which the school could become a focal element (see Sustain the Future Community page).

After the 2010 earthquakes, many of Haiti’s school buildings were destroyed or damaged. This prototype school is designed to be built in phases as construction costs become available and can be built using materials that are durable and readily sourced in Haiti. The one level floor plan could be constructed without complicated technology, and the design is such that each school could be adapted to a variety of sloped sites available in the area. The school is also designed to be expandable, so as the community grows, so can the school. The age range could be all elementary grades, or the school could focus on early childhood education.