Our Mission

Steven Duclair is CEO of Sustain the Future, a non-profit that has several programs and projects in development focused on creating sustainable communities in Haiti. Sustain the Future’s focus is somewhat different than other non-profits that serve this region, in that their goal is to help local communities learn to help themselves, instead of simply bringing in relief and relying on goods from overseas. Part of Sustain the Future’s mission is to increase awareness in the US on the positive and promising opportunities for education and better living conditions for the Haitian people. By creating self-sustainable communities thatcreate jobs, clean water, schools, and realistic economic development opportunities, Sustain the Future’s  programs can help Haitians preserve their pride for a country they love while teaching ways to improve their overall quality of life. While Sustain the Future’s programs require monetary support to make each a reality, spreading the word about the rich culture that survives in Haiti can help others see Haiti as more than negative headlines.