Our Mission

Sustain The Future is a dedicated to bringing education, clean water, and sustainable job opportunities to the people of Haiti.

About Us

Sustain The Future is a conscious, collective non-profit organization that was created for the struggling youth around the world. Our goals are currently focused on poverty in Haiti.

Our Mission

Sustain the Future aims to alleviate poverty, suffering, and injustice across the world, providing schools, educational programming, to help inspire coming generations.

Our Current Project

Earthquakes and tropical storms have decimated many parts of Haiti, help us rebuild and provide education for the many young, impoverished children.

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Our Team

Steven Duclair

Communications Director
Steven Duclair is an inspirational speaker born in Haiti. With his experience living in poverty and leadership skills, he hopes to help the less fortunate

James Steiner

Project Director
James Steiner currently has his own interdisciplinary design firm and has been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 2000.

Lauren Beckmann

Education Consultant
With an M.Ed in Educational Policy and Leadership, Lauren provides invaluable insights and guidance in providing education to those in need.

Nikia Johnson

Operations Manager
Nikia's background includes business and operational development. She currently runs two businesses, bringing valuable knowledge and experience to the team.